Big Data Week in Belfast 2014


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All good things must come to an end, and by all accounts the first installment of Big Data Week in Belfast this year was a resounding success. Over the week over 150 attendees visited events organised by Analytics Engines and Farset Labs to explore the business and technical opportunities of one of the defining technology breakthroughs of the 21st century

For more specific information on the festival in Belfast, how you can be involved in 2015, or if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and let us know!

Big Data Insights Conference (Hosted by Analytics Engines)

Conference  7th May – Andrews Gallery – Titanic Belfast

The conference represents the marquee event in the week of activities and will showcase experiences and insight into Big Data and its business benefits from speakers around the UK and Ireland.

There will also be a panel session with industry specific experts giving their insights into the challenges and opportunities of Big Data within their domains

This presents an excellent opportunity for Big Data practitioners or those interested in Big Data in Belfast and Northern Ireland to come together for networking and knowledge sharing.

This event has ended, for more information please click here


Big Data Tech: Big Data in Little Farset (Hosted by Farset Labs)

Tutorials / Talks – 9th May  Farset Labs, Weavers Court 

The term Big Data represents storage of information but also the technology which is used to process and derive useful information from it. At this event a series of speakers will provide details of these technologies, their current use and how they show Big Data working in practice.

Note that the Giro d’Italia is scheduled in Belfast for this date. Although access to Weaver’s Court should not be restricted, please allow additional time for travel to and from the event

This event has ended, for more information please click here     #bdwbelfast


Event logo   May 7, 2014 – BelfastBig Data Week Belfast Conference
The conference will showcase the experience and insight into Big Data and its business benefits from speakers around the UK and Ireland such as IBM, Cloudera, PWC, SAP and more.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – BelfastLegal and Privacy Challenges for Big Data
A series of panelists will discuss the legal and privacy aspects of Big Data use in business and public life. Focus will be placed on how domestic and inter-jurisdictional requirements affect what can . . . and will happen, or whether it is ignored.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – BelfastBig Data Security
Unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled as the speakers were unable to be present at the last minute.
Event logo   May 9, 2014 – BelfastBig Data Tech: Big Data in Little Farset
This is a good chance to learn more about the opportunities and pitfalls surrounding the recent explosion in digital data technology, while mingling with the crowd down at Farset Labs, the Belfast mak . . .erspace.