See you this fall at #bdw15

Let’s make #bdw15 even bigger. Get involved! …And yes, you did it!  We are overwhelmed by your interest in this year’s event and we love the idea that we built up a powerful community of data lovers. Big Data Week’s editorial office is full of interesting cases, whitepapers and speaking proposals.  We would like to give a chance to everyone who discloses passion and puts their heart into this. After much deliberation we have decided to...
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Beating addiction with Big Data

In a previous post, I wrote about the various applications of big data insights in the gambling industry, from tailored marketing initiatives to odds calculation. However, the very same data used to great commercial effect by gambling companies could have another utility: protecting customers from addiction. Gambling brands are under increasing pressure to either relinquish their data insights to independent regulators or take internal measures to protect their customers. But what exactly is being proposed?...
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Interested in NoSQL performance?

If you asked any IT director whether they would be interested in a 60 per cent improvement to their infrastructure performance, you’d get mostly ‘yes’ in response. If you then said that this could be done to ANY bare metal infrastructure and be done with zero or minimal investment, then I think the answer would be exclusively ‘yes’. Revealing how this can be done, will be Bigstep product manager, Alex Bordei, in an exclusive O’Reilly...
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Normal Distribution Curve

Perhaps the most famous and widely used distribution is the normal distribution, otherwise known as the “bell curve.” The reason why the bell curve crops up a lot is because when you have a bunch of independent, complex, real-world factors added together that produce randomly distributed data, that data will often be distributed in a normal or bell-like way. This is called the central limit theorem.

Optimization Modeling: Because That Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Ain’t Gonna Squeeze Itself

When you were a child, perhaps there came that day when someone explained to you that Santa Claus didn’t exist, outside of men with bad rosacea dressed up at the mall. Well, today I’m going to shatter another belief: your not-from-concentrate premium orange juice was not hand squeezed. In fact, the pulp in it is probably from different oranges than the juice, and the juice has been pulled from different vats and blended according to mathematical models to ensure that each carafe you drink tastes the same as the last.
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