Big Data Week in Chicago 2014

Big Data Week is literally just around the corner, and we want to make sure YOU are part of it!

This is your last call to be part of a unique local and global platform of interconnected community events focusing on the social, political, and technological impacts of Data.

Your last opportunity to join other members of Cook County’s growing tech sector and discuss your success stories, best practices, industry forecasts, and visions for the future.

We’re looking for executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to present on the following topics:

The Connected Society

  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
  • Wearable Technology/Quantified Self

Implementing Big Data

  • Best Practices
  • Success Stories
  • New Products and Innovations

You’ll present at BLUE 1647, a local technology hub that is doing great things in Pilsen, just south of UIC. We will advertise for attendees. We will also widen your potential audience by live-streaming everything on the web. Click here to see last year’s live-streamed presentations.

If you’re ready, send an email about your presentation idea to Anisha Blumenberg, Director of Technology Communications for Cook County Government Bureau of Technology, our City lead, at     bigdataweek


Event logo   May 5, 2014 – ChicagoOpen Software Integrators Presents a Two-day Intro to Hadoop Training
This is a 2-day training designed to give you an introduction to the Hadoop Ecosystem. You will learn the essentials of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) & MapReduce Framework
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – ChicagoLoyola University’s Quinlan School of Business Presents: Translating Big Data into Business Decisions
The value of Big Data is how it can be leveraged to identify actionable insights. Join us at the free event to learn how informed analytics can lead to better decisions.
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – ChicagoHow Morningstar Turns Datapoints into Analytics for Financial Research
A look at how Morningstar turns billions of datapoints into trustworthy financial information for investors at all levels of sophistication.
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – ChicagoKamal Tahir of Datamyx Presents–Part 1: The Big Data Revolution is Expensive. Re-Evolving Your Data is Not. Here’s Why.
This is the first of a two-part discussion on how re-evolving your data strategy can help organizations of all types and sizes save time and money on their way to Big Data success.
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – ChicagoMetaScale Presents: Enterprise Challenges to Big Data Implementation
A definitive “how-to” on implementing a Big Data program for your organization.
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – ChicagoMetaScale Presents: Hadoop in Action–Business Intelligence Use Cases
Gain insight into practical uses for Hadoop by looking at specific ways big data technologies can be leveraged to enable business analytics.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – ChicagoCook County Government Presents: Creating a Data Driven Management Culture
Performance data informs the decisions at one of the US’s largest county governments. Learn how they’re changing the gov’t game.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – ChicagoServer Central Presents: Big Data. The Tools That Work.
It’s not always easy to determine which Big Data tool works best for your particular use case. Learn tips on the best from Avi Freedman, ServerCentral CTO.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – ChicagoThe Quantified Self World From an Individual’s Perspective
A look at the different issues individuals face within self-tracking.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – ChicagoWhich Freaking Database Should I Use?
The talk explores the reasons the types of databases available, their correct use and use cases for them.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – ChicagoExtended Data Solutions Presents: How Big Data Ensures the Right Person Gets the Right Message at the Right Time
James O’Hara of Extended Data Solutions will present “The Role of Big Data in the Creation and Delivery of Variable Video Messaging”
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – ChicagoNewton Park Partners Present: The Enterprise Data Hub, an Emerging Concept
During this 20-minute presentation from Phil Shelley of Newton Park Partners, learn why an Enterprise Data Hub is an alternative to a warehouse for your company’s data needs.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – ChicagoSiraj Tahir of Isle Utilities and Kamal Tahir Present–Part 2 of The Big Data Revolution is Expensive. Re-Evolving Your Data is Not. Here’s Why.
Part 2 will look at how an engineering organization can utilize re-evolution to turn data into actionable intelligence.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – ChicagoNarrative Science Presents: Quill Engage–A Better Way to Understand Google Analytics Data
How to bring relevant analysis, actionable advice, and insight to your Google Analytics, without graph and pie chart overload. All in easy-to-read reports.