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Philip Hamlin


Big Data Debate


'Big Data Debate' is the largest independent big data meet-up in London

The Big Data Debate group is where like-minded professionals can get together and discuss relevant and timely topics in big data. We facilitate discussion by bringing you highly regarded speakers across a range of disciplines and allowing you the chance to become an interactive part of the discussion. Members of this group include a range of professionals working across all areas of big data in and around London.

Meetups are held once a month at a central London location and include speaker presentations, moderated panel discussions, audience participation. Come along and enjoy a beer or two!

The group is unbiased and does not advocate the use of any specific brand or technology. We remain impartial and act as an information and networking hub for all contenders in the industry.

If you are interested in participating at one of our events or have specific subject matter you wish to raise; please contact Philip Hamlin