Big Data Week in Missoula, Montana 2014

Big Data Week in Missoula, Montana 2014

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Nestled in the mountains of Western Montana, Missoula is a small city of big opportunity. It is a place where tip-the-hat Western culture merges with vibrant cosmopolitan flair, a city at the threshold of wilderness, an intellectual and commercial hub where hard work and avid recreation serve as the balancing ethics of true prosperity. Missoula is a hotbed of Big Data, Cyber Security and Research activity ranging from our world-class data curriculum and the cyber security lab at the University of Montana to Big Data/Little Data companies like GCS Research, Inteneo Systems,, onXmaps, LMGSecurity and others.

Please join us for a series of:

  • Demonstrations from University of Montana students and faculty
  • Big Data for Dummies
  • Live fire security demonstrations
  • Big Data applications in the cyber security field
  • Big Data in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy and Security
  • Semantic Web Standards for Fun and Profit
  • A visual analysis performance using little data

Big Data is growing in Missoula.  Come join the fun!        


Event logo   May 3, 2014 – MissoulaFirst Annual Montana Cyber Triathlon
High school and college students from across Montana converge on the U of M campus to solve a digital forensics puzzle, a data analytics puzzle and a hacking puzzle related to the death of legendary r . . .ap star Tupac. Learn more at
Event logo   May 5, 2014 – MissoulaMayoral Proclamation of Big Data Week Missoula 2014
Missoula Mayor John Engen will proclaim the city’s first-ever Big Data Week May 5 – 11, 2014, and the lineup of events will be announced during the regular City Council meeting at 7 p.m., 140 W. Pine . . .Street.
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – MissoulaBig Data Demonstrations & Meet and Greet
The University of Montana School of Business will host presentations on data analytics, security, and Big Data presentations by faculty and students Tuesday, May 6th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Gallaghe . . .r Building Room 123. UM is expanding its Big Data offerings to students to meet demands from industry to hire students with data analytic skill sets.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – MissoulaBrown Bag Lunch: Big Data for Dummies
Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Data but were too afraid to ask! Led by experts Eric Franzon of Semantic Web and Russ Fletcher of Inteneo Systems. Held at MonTEC conference room, 1121 E. . . .Broadway.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – MissoulaCyber Security: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace
LMG Security presents on Big Data applications in the cyber security field.
Attackers use tools such as the Blackhole Exploit Kit to send phishing emails, infect computers, and steal confidential dat . . .a. Watch a phishing attack in action and see what an infected computer does under the hood. How can you track down the hackers on your network? We’ll show samples of Internet traffic and discuss tools and techniques that the pros use to catch even stealthy hackers in action.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – MissoulaPredicting Future Healthcare Cost with Multivariate Statistics
Data Solutions’ Jordan Goldsmith presents “Predicting Future Healthcare Cost with Multivariate Statistics: The effects of comorbidities, polypharmacy and case management on the healthcare costs of an . . .individual” at MonTEC on Thursday, May 8, from noon to 1 p.m.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – MissoulaBig Data – Applied: Generating Insights through Big Data Systems
Dr. Alex Philp, Founder and President of GCS, IBM Champion, and Faculty Affiliate at the University of Montana, will provide an overview of the key factors driving the Big Data phenomena today, includ . . .ing an overview of the people, data, and technologies currently at the core of Big Data revolution. Dr. Philp will provide some examples of how Big Data is transforming specific industries, what this means in terms of innovation and how this translates into increased revenue and profitability. Examples from Health Care, Telecommunications, Energy and Security will be given and what the essential big data ingredients are. Dr. Philp will discuss some cutting edge prototypes involving cognitive computing, what this means and why government, academia and industry should care as Big Data evolves.
Event logo   May 9, 2014 – MissoulaSemantic Web for Fun and Profit and The Huge Value of “Little Data”
Eric Franzon will examine how organizations are applying Semantic Web standards to Big Data to generate revenue, mitigate risk, and solve problems in new and interesting ways.
Russ Fletcher and Joe G . . .arrett of Inteneo Systems will discuss how every organization can maximize the value of all of its data. Held at MonTEC, 4:30 – 6 p.m.

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