Big Data Week in Wallonia 2014

Big Data Week in Wallonia 2014


This is the first time ever belgian organizations take part to the Big Data Week! Join Bigdataweek/Wallonia: conferences, workshops, exhibits will be proposed in the french-speaking part of Belgium.

The partners of Bigdataweek/Wallonia are the Mundaneum & Google, Futurocité/IBM/Mobistar, technocité, the Mons Co-working space Co-nnexion, the University of Mons, the CETIC, BHC, the Foundation Mons 2015 (Café Europa), Transcultures, Knowescape european network @ University of Namur, the Walloon Agency of Telecommunications and many others!

Picture: a row of Universal Bibliographic Repertory‘s drawers (@Mundaneum, 1895) VS a rack of Google data center servers (2013)

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Event logo   May 5, 2014 – WalloniaPlace for big data: immersion et visualisation de l’univers big data
Des artistes en résidence exposent leur vision de l’univers des données durant toute la big data week à Mons.
Event logo   May 5, 2014 – WalloniaDécouvrez comment les « big data » peuvent révolutionner la gestion de votre entreprise !
Dans toute entreprise, quelque soit sa taille ou son secteur d’activité, et également les associations ou administrations, la quantité de documents et donc d’informations générées et reçues est . . . très importante.
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – WalloniaRoaming through Big Data
Big Data has become one of the major IT challenges of this decade. The data processing including mass invaded the speech and literature of the sector Information Technology and Communication (ICT).
Event logo   May 6, 2014 – Wallonia(Big) Data art, rencontre autour de la création artistique utilisant les données (massives)
Les artistes ont, depuis toujours, investit le champ de la « visualisation des données » (datavisualisation ou dataviz). D’ailleurs, cette dernière est souvent décrite comme étant un art : l’art . . . de mettre en forme les données afin d’en saisir les différents impacts, l’art de rendre compréhensibles des données brutes.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – WalloniaBig data, Page Ranking and medical application
The surge of medical and nutritional data in the field of health requires research of models and methods as well as the development of data analysis tools. The spread of infectious diseases, detection . . . of biomarkers for prognosis and diagnosis of the disease, research of indicators for personalized nutrition and/or medical treatment, are some typical examples of problems to solve.
Event logo   May 7, 2014 – WalloniaRich models for complex data
Computational science has entered the era of Big Data, fueled by unparalleled amounts of data coming from high-throughput technologies and electronic records collected by various sensors and communica . . .tion devices. This trend is particularly visible in communication and social networks, where the gathering of complex data on human and social interactions becomes possible at a very large scale. The efficient exploitation of that data demands the development of more efficient computational methods as well as richer models to represent the salient features of the systems.
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – WalloniaKenneth Cukier (The Economist) in conference in Mons
The Mundaneum, Google and technocité present “Big Data: a Revolution that will transform How We Live, Work, and Think” by Kenneth Cukier, co-author of the book and data editor of The Economist. See y . . .ou at Theater Le Manege (Mons, Belgium) on the 8th of May, 2014!
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – WalloniaL’impact du Big Data sur l’intelligence urbaine
La ville intelligente : une réalité d’aujourd’hui au service des citoyens, des communautés et des autorités…Une réalité pour que nos villes deviennent plus attractives
Event logo   May 8, 2014 – WalloniaPalimpsest Exhibit
Mankind loses memory. In full phase of digital intoxication, where digitalization has to solve all the problems of communication and production of contents, we have to face the facts today : digital t . . .echnology is not the solution but a new issue to resolve…

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