Roll up your sleeves, get ready for the largest data festival! We’re stoked you’re considering joining the community as an event organiser for #bdw14

We launch the third edition of the festival with a narrative that will bring together the many strands and domains of data into an umbrella theme: ‘The Connected Society’ – focused across three main themes.

  Internet of Things
We’ll explore the Internet of Things (IoT) a trend that is part of a ubiquitous computing revolution. So much so, that Gartner predict a future of some 26 billion units will be connected to the internet by 2020.
  Smart Cities
Smarter cities, make for happier citizens. With a combination of sensors, central data and citizen sourced data we can build a smarter cities. At bdw14 we’ll exploring how data is being used to make our cities easier to navigate and live in..
  Quantitive Self
Join the life logging revolution at #bdw14 and understand how wearable sensors will expand in 2014 that will drive data acquisition strategy focused on many aspects of an individual’s daily life activities including location, movement, mood and happiness.
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How can I participate as an event organiser?

It’s simple, we’d like you to galvanise your local community and organise events that fit within the three key themes for the festival. We can help by providing media kits, branding materials, event guidance, sponsor templates if you need them – but it’s really down to you to create one, two or more kick ass events for your local data community.

Here are a few examples of how you can participate…

  • TED Talk-style live solo streaming video presentation – 20-minute talks by a C-level, director, or thought leader on “The Connected Society”
  • Host a hackathon during the weekend of the festival with your local hackerspace or big data community – and if you need a dataset we may be able to help find one.
  • Networking functions, roundtables, meetups or lectures are really simple ways to bring people together to share ideas.
  • Contribute to the Big Data Week website through blog posts, feature stories, infographics or audio podcasts on sound cloud.
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