What is Big Data Week?

Big Data Week is a global concept of interconnected community events focusing on the latest, next-generation big data solutions, innovations, and improvements in a vast array of industries.

We bring together a worldwide community of data scientists, data technologists, data visualisers and data businesses spanning major commercial, financial, social and technological sectors.

Big Data Week connects a number of major city hubs across Europe, Americas, Australia and Pacific Asia through locally hosted meetups, events, networking functions, demos, debates, discussions, conferences, and hackathons. Events are designed to provide a common ground to educate, inform and inspire – organised by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about data exploration.

Our drive is to make big data a central part of the status quo for all businesses and society.

How did Big Data Week start?

Founded by Stewart Townsend and Andrew Gregson, Big Data Week was a way to unite the global data communities through series of events and meetups. It has quickly become the go-to brand for a global perspective on big data and emerging trends.

“I created Big Data Week to unite the global big data community. As a co-organiser of London-based big data events I felt there was a gap between meetups across not just London, but the globe. Communities tended to stay in one part of the big data landscape and thus the idea  to bring together all the communities and networks across a week of events was born.”
Stewart Townsend, Co-founder Big Data Week

“The role of data in business, health, science, technology, retail and entertainment will be a key differentiator for the organisations that succeed in the next digital wave. Big Data Week educates and creates new opportunities for organisations of all shapes and sizes in understanding what big data can do for them now and in the future. media140 are very excited to be able to lead the development of this global initiative”
Andrew Gregson, Founder media140 Worldwide & Co-founder Big Data Week

How does Big Data Week happen

Big Data Week is possible with the support of our sponsors and with the contribution of all the meetup organisers worldwide, who dedicate their time to set up events that help educate about various areas from the vast domain of big data.

How to become a sponsor

Big Data Week is a unique opportunity for sponsors wanting to put their organisation into the heart of our global community. We have a number of packages to suit both worldwide and local hub partners. Here’s more about this.

How to get involved as a city partner

Are you passionate about building communities? Take the lead as a city organiser and have a stake in the success of #bigdataweek in your city. Find out more and register your participation here!

How to become an event organiser

Drop us an email at hello[at]bigdataweek.com to find out more about getting involved and organising events in your city. You can rock the BDW community from anywhere in the world!

How to submit a paper?

Have your own moment at #bigdataweek! You are invited to become part of the worldwide leading big data event. Take the first step and apply to speak here

How to become an official BDW blogger?

Our goal is to maintain a global community connected, where members share knowledge and collaborate – be a part of it and share great content here