Big Data Week provides a unique opportunity for leading technology organisations to engage with a global community of professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses across multiple markets.

In 2016 we took the Big Data Week across 4 continents, with two anchor cities and several city partners worldwide.

This year we set out from the traditional anchor-city London, with a new format for the talk tracks of the main event, the BDW London Conference, extending our way across the globe as more cities join us in organising Big Data Week events.

Some great reasons why you should be a #BDW sponsor:

Big Data Week gives sponsors the opportunity to reach, connect and engage with over 15,000* executives and entrepreneurs interested in big data platforms, technologies, and strategies.

Big Data Week has an ever-growing, active community seeking direction, best practices, and guidance with their big data strategies.

You can get first-hand information about the technology and business challenges customers are facing and, consequently, approach them according to their needs.

#BDW connects all of the big data focused communities together, both through the live events all over the world, as well as online and via social media.

We are the only big data event where a single sponsorship can reach a global audience, simply and efficiently.

*includes online participants viewing livestreams or participating remotely

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