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Data Governance And Social Media: First Things First

As as the power of social media as a business tool grows, increasing numbers of businesses are looking to gather information about their clients and develop a holistic viewpoint of each customer. The problem is, is that many are doing so without properly considering all eventualities. Failure to properly approach and define social media can pose serious challenges to the business, its reputation and risk brand damage. Resulting in frustrated customers and a degradation of customer loyalty. Peter argues that the first thing all companies must do, before even beginning to gather data, is to conduct a comprehensive process of data governance. An effective way of formally defining and managing information as a resource and as an asset.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Data?

Why are so many organisations so terrified of data and refuse to see the benefits it can bring? ‘Big data’ is now a common term, but traditionally, the treatment of the flow of information within an organisation has been comparable to that of a piece of radioactive material. Not only has it been quarantined and isolated in the IT department, but access to it has typically been limited to only one individual - the data scientist – who is deemed to be the only person qualified enough to handle it.