We are not one for bureaucracy and complex legal details, we like to keep the big data community free of such burdens and scary small print – but we do have a number of principles by which we’d like each City Partner to operate within. Principles that help to maintain a degree of consistency, quality and trust for all those that take part, participate and attend the Big Data Week festival.

As a City Partner you will have the full support of the global Big Data Week team, we can help you with sponsor packs, partner info, graphical assets, media kits, access to a publishing platform, ticketing partners and speaker networks.

What do we expect from our City Partners?
  • Support Big Data Week and work proactively to develop the brand
  • Promote a community philosophy across all events in the city
  • Work with the Big Data Week team to develop new concepts and events
  • Facilitate and encourage at least 3-5 events in your city
  • Engage local media outlets to promote the festival
  • Create content for Big Data Week through podcasts, video, blogs etc
  • Include an opt in for Big Data Week news on ALL points of registration and local event websites
  • Provide access to email address of local participants that have opted in for Big Data Week newsletter
  • Adhere to the social media and content guidelines developed for the festival
  • Agree to use official Big Data Week branding assets where ever possible (we can provide whatever you need)
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Finally, you should prepare a presentation within your plan, illustrating one, five and ten year essay writer milestones.