This page is specifically for City Partners who are participating in Big Data Week 2015. It contains a list of useful links, terms of the partnership, points of contact for the festival and a number of frequently asked questions. It’s great to have you as part of the growing community of cities taking part in the festival, and we hope you enjoy the journey we’re all on!

What does it mean to be a City Partner
Does it cost anything to be part of Big Data Week? Big Data Week is a community initiative that is funded through sponsorship, community stakeholders and local city partners. The festival has ongoing costs associated with the hosting and management of the project – these include web hosting, development, design, branding, marketing and editorial. All of these functions require resources not only to maintain the project, but also grow and develop the initiative on an annual basis.

In 2012 & 2013 we decided not to ask any of the contributing City Partners for funds for the project, however 2014 brings news challenges as the festival has now become so popular that we require funding to host it. Given we have a diverse range of community partners from enthusiastic developers through to high revenue generating corporations we decided to look at asking City Partners to contribute based on each individual city potential.

The fee for becoming a City Partner is 400 GBP.

For this contribution Big Data Week will provide access to our festival platform permitting City Partners to

  • Create their own branded event homepage
  • Manage and host their events on
  • Include their logo on the homepage of as a city partner
  • Option to post content into (blogs and news stories only, the content need to be aproved by Big Data Week staff and should be written in english)
  • Big Data Week will provide sponsor packs, media kits and press release info that local City Partners can take and reuse for local markets
  • Big Data Week will act as conduit for City Partners for sponsor approaches for the festival – we connect you with local sponsors if they approach us directly
  • Allow local event organisers will retain 100% of their own ticket sales.

Our only expectation is that the local City Partners:

  • Share the email registration details of local event participants with Big Data Week – so we are able to include in our quarterly newsletter to the global BDW community
  • Work as brand ambassadors with Big Data Week to uphold our community ethos and maintain brand quality in terms of events, editorial and community engagement
  • Work towards a ‘community first’ approach in everything we do for bigdata worldwide
  • Work with the Big Data Week team to ensure the festival themes form part of the events hosted during the week.
Create your own city #bdw15 homepage
How I do add events?
Branding and media kits