As a City Partner or event organiser we suggest you bookmark this page.

Setting up your events

If you are a city partner set up your City page
As an event organiser, why not add some events.



Event registration and tickets

We have partnered with Xing events (formerly Amiando) as our platform of choice during Big Data Week. We strongly recommended any of the cities choosing to use a ticketing platform to consider Xing. We have negotiated a very low commission for paid events, which means every City Partner and event organiser will pay a LOT less than other payment gateways. If you would like to take advantage of the low commission rates, please email and we’ll set you up!
Xing Events

Posting to the Big Data Week blog

We suggest you use the blog to write about the events before, during and after they happen – we receive a LOT of website visitors during the festival. If you have story to share before the festival, why not post it to the Big Data Week blog.

Ensure you tag your posts with at least three tags so it makes it easy for other to find your content, and try to ensure they are industry standard terms too – mean Dr. Google will be able to find them a lot easier.


We’ll be using ONE hashtag during the festival #bdw15 – it will make it easy for everyone to make a little noise on the social channels, and ensure we have a single voice across all the cities worldwide. We do support individual city partners setting up their own Twitter accounts using the format #bdwCityName for example #bdwAtlanta – this is not a prerequisite.


We do have an official Big Data Week facebook page and we’d like City Partners to post their content to it. Help grow the community resource! If you would like access to post to the page contact and we’ll set you up.


If you decide to film or livestream any content from your events, we’d really like you to post it to the Big Data Week YouTube page. We can provide access to all our City Partners, and any event organisers who have content to share. To gain access page contact and we’ll set you up.


We have a Big Data Week slide account for all the City Partners and event organisers to share presentations from the events. If you would like access to the account contact and we’ll set you up.

Your city isn’t listed yet?

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#bdw15 Member directory

Want to know who is active in the #bdw15 community take a look at all the active members.

Brand kit

The festival branding kit can be found in the Press & Media page.

Also, you need to decide how to you are going to describe all of these issues, in order to make it understandable for your potential reader.