Big Data in Marketing Research Roundtable

Marketing Research is facing both a big challenge and a big opportunity as Big Data technologies have entered the field bringing new approaches to gaining customer insights and understanding consumer behavior. Thought leaders and industry experts from research firms, corporates, and academia will get together to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities of Big Data in the research field.

For all forward thinking researchers in Atlanta, it is one of the not-to-miss events that has the potential to shake and shape the Marketing Research industry in the future.

Breakfast will be provided!

List of speakers:

Elena Bakhtina, VP of Business Development at Abitech, Chair of AMA Marketing Research Committee, Atlanta GA

Angela D’Auria Stanton, Ph.D, Professor of Marketing at Radford University, Radford, VA

Phil Doriot, Co-owner and Principal with ONE Analytics & Consulting, Atlanta, GA

Daniel Perlmutter is Marketing Analytics Manager at Church’s Chicken, Atlanta, GA

Bill Pink, Senior Partner at Millward Brown, New York, NY

Amanda Setili, Founder of Setili &Associates, Atlanta, GA

John Davidson, Founder of Curious Analytics, Atlanta, GA

Thanks to the sponsors:
American Marketing Association, Atlanta chapter,

Abitech Software, Inc.,


Hosted in: Atlanta
Date: May 8, 2014
Event starts at: 08:00
Organiser: American Marketing Association/Abitech Software Inc.
Register for tickets at:

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  1. Market research is the key to understanding our clients wants and needs.

    The problem is that most companies are so into themselves that they never bother to find out what their clients are thinking.

    It takes a brave CEO that swallows their ego to ask the tough questions that will really make the difference.
    Lloyd Pro Group | Nationwide Insurance
    1830 Water Place Suite 105, Atlanta, GA 30339

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