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This is our media centre if you’re looking for branding, press material or would like to register as an official media partner this is place to be. If you can’t find what you’re looking for email

Media release

LONDON, March 2014. The 3rd edition of Big Data Week will debut on the 5th of May in over 30+ cities worldwide as the largest crowd-sourced festival of events, meet-ups, workshops and hackathons focused on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of data. It will bring together an anticipated 30,000 data practitioners across in 200+ events.
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Newsletter – 50 words

Big Data Week is the most unique global platform of interconnected crowd sourced events focusing on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of Big Data. A self organising community where anyone is able to host and create an event as part of the festival. Join us from the 5th May for a week of data across 30+ cities worldwide and Get Involved!

Branding assets

Official Big Data Week typeface
Neo Sans, Neo Sans Medium
Please do no substitute the official BDW font with other typefaces

Twitter Avatar – Photoshop file

600 x 300 Banner – PNG File

City Backdrop – PNG File

BDW masthead logo – PNG file

BDW stamp 200 pixels – PNG File

BDW stamp 400 pixels – PNG File

Custom city pull up banner – Adobe Illustrator file
Email for access to the files.

Color Swatch

Official Big Data Week colour is #e02c85

If you’re looking something specific please get in touch with our graphics team and we’ll make up the assets for you – email

Want to be an official media partner?

If you’d like to support Big Data Week as one of the official media partners, we would like to hear from you. Please email and one of team will get in touch.