#bdw12 – Big Data Week – Andy Kirk – Data Visualiser

We are pleased to announce that Andy Kirk will be on the panel for the Big Data Community Meetup on April 24th alongside Hilary Mason, Doug Cutting, Nick Halstead and Edd Dumbill below are some background details on Andy Kirk.

Andy Kirk is a freelance data visualisation design consultant and trainer baed in the UK. He is the founder and editor of the  website VisualisingData.com  a popular data visualisation blog. After graduating from Lancaster  University with a B.Sc (hons) in Operational Research (the ‘science of better’), he held a number of business analysis and  information management positions at some of the largest organisations in the UK. Late 2006 provided Andy with a career-changing  ‘eureka’ moment when he discovered the subject of data visualisation and he has subsequently passionately pursued an expertise in  the subject, completing a research Masters M.A (with distinction) at the University of Leeds along the way.

In February 2010 he  launched the blog with the mission of providing readers with inspiring insights into the contemporary techniques, resources,  applications and best practices in this exciting subject. His consultancy work extends this ambition, helping organisations of all  shapes, sizes and domains enhance the analysis and communication of their data to maximise impact. Andy is currently focusing on his  latest schedule of data visualisation training courses, which are being held in many locations across the UK, Ireland, Europe and  North America during the first half of 2012. Most recently he was a judge and speaker at the prestigious Malofiej 20, the world  infographics summit and awards.

Have a look and share with us what https://justdomyhomework.com you think of them.

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