April 28, 2013

Order in Chaos

Big data is ramping up to be a big business opportunity. Hype surrounding Big Data is at an all-time-high as businesses look to address the increasing volume, variety and velocity of information. Yet, many businesses do not have the technology in place to address the real 'Big' in Big Data - unstructured information. Nick Patience, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy discusses how businesses can extract value from the unstructured information that is spread across multiple data repositories within the organisation.

Navigating The Big Data Ups And Downs With Exploration And Discovery

Some people seem conflicted about big data at the moment. On the one hand, excitement about the benefits of big data is at an all-time high. On the other hand though, people are concerned that many big data projects don't yield a positive ROI. It would be a mistake to think that simply add a new data source to your mix would immediately reveal the secrets to the world’s longest lived mysteries. Success depends on a well thought out program of exploration and discovery