Big Data Research & Advisory firm BigInsights launches ‘Big Data Vendor Landscape Study’ program at DataCon 2013

BigInsights, a boutique research & advisory firm focused on Big Data, recently announced the launch of a new service, the BigInsights Big Data Vendor Landscape Study, at the Big Data event, DataCon 2013 held in Sydney on October 10. DataCon is part of the CeBIT global conference with focus on the emerging field of Big Data. The two-day event saw participation by some big names in the field of Big Data.

BigInsights is also the Research Partner of DataCon 2013.

The aim of the Vendor Landscape Study includes:

  1. Bringing clarity to the constantly evolving & confusing landscape of Big Data vendors
  2. Providing searchable database for buyers of Big Data solutions (Available Dec 2013)

Founder and CEO of BigInsights Raj Dalal shared the inaugural part of the research conducted as part of the Study, with the DataCon 2013 audience, as part of a talk titled: Big Data Vendor Landscape: The Battle for MindShare and Marketshare.

As the Big Data market evolves and the solutions emerge, a vast array of Big Data technology and services vendors are positioning themselves for leadership. A large number of venture backed startups are battling against established BI and enterprise software providers. Who is likely to win?

As part of the inaugural Big Data Vendor Landscape Study, Raj also profiled Big Data platform company Cloudera, and the recent, detailed talk his team had with its co-founder Mike Olson, where the latter spoke at length on not only Cloudera’s future plans but also on the potential of Big Data itself.


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