Roaming through Big Data

Big Data has become one of the major IT challenges of this decade. The data processing including mass invaded the speech and literature of the sector Information Technology and Communication (ICT).

To better understand this data revolution and see how to take advantages of it, just join us for a roaming through Big Data with the help of our partners during an event organized as part of the Big Data Week. This event will present the three main characteristics of Big Data, but also addressmore transversal aspects and conclude on use cases and feedbacks… maybe yours?

Big Data Week is a global network of events around the Big Data which takes place from 5 to 11 May 2014. In this context, a “Roaming through Big Data” will be held on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 , from 14h to 19h, at CETIC . This event is organized in collaboration with the Mundaneum coordinating the initiative for Wallonia, Belgium.

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