BIG DATA & BUSINESS ANALYTICS CONFERENCE: Right decisions by analyzing data

As a result of the growing demands of business, in the context of rapid and more accurate business decision-making, we are dealing with a fundamental change in the approach to the analysis of information.

The conference on Big Data & Business Analytics is a response to the needs of managers in decision-making processes, process optimization, and search for new business benefits.

This year’s special attention will focus on the business aspects of analysis. We will point out unique solutions for analysis and use of data.

Conference topics scope:

• Increasing the efficiency of analytical systems
• Use of Big Data and Business Analytics to create innovative business models
• The development of the role of Data Science
• Finding the value of deeply hidden data
• The use of advanced data mining
• Big Data in the context of security and fraud detection
• Tools supporting the institution’s activities in the field of sales management and customer service
• The problem of privacy in business applications of Big Data
• Analysis of network streams in social sites

Target audience

• Managers of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
• Managers of analytical and database departments
• Strategy managers
• Business Development Managers
• R&D department experts
• Managers responsible for developing CRM tools
• Managers of business departments: marketing, sales and customer service

Estimated number of participants: 80-100 persons
Sector: Virtually all sectors; in particular: Finance and banking, telecommunications, FMCG, logistics, e-commerce.

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