Palimpsest Exhibit

This exhibition will be published on the Google Cultural Institute in partnership with the Mundaneum. You’re invited to discover a part of the exhibition at the Theater Le Manège on Thursday the 8th may in the framework of Kenneth Cukier’s lecture:

“In full phase of digital intoxication, where digitalization has to solve all the problems of communication and production of contents, we have to face the facts today : digital technology is not the solution but a new issue to resolve. It is paradoxical that at a time where humanity creates and stores an immeasurable quantity of information, it has never used so unstable and precarious techniques to record its data.

Our species can’t seem to escape big data. We have more data inputs, storage, and computing resources than ever, so Homo sapiens naturally does what it has always done when given new tools: It goes even bigger, higher, and bolder. We did it in buildings and now we’re doing it in data. If human societies are founded on the accumulation of knowledge through the ages, then the long-term transmission of information must be the cornerstone of a durable civilization. The digital technology has led to an explosion of the amount of information, but what’s the use to store all this knowledge if nothing is done to perpetuate it?

Big data may tell us what we need to know in the present but long data can reach into our past and help us lay a path to our future.”

Philippe Braquenier,

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