MongoDB User Group Berlin: Advanced Data Analysis with MongoDB and R

Big Data is presently synonymous with open source technologies like Hadoop and the ‘NoSQL’ class of databases, including MongoDB. Another technology that is shaking things up in Big Data is R. R is an open source programming language and software environment designed for statistical computing and visualisation. The statistical software R is the fastest growing analytics platform in the world, and is established in both academia and companies for robustness, reliability and accuracy. To do proper Big Data analysis you have to access your data in your preferred database on the fly. In the case of MongoDB, this can be done using the R package rmongodb.

In this talk Mario Koppen will give a short overview about R, the available connection to MongoDB and present some Big Data analyses using R and MongoDB.

Speaker: Mario Koppen

Bio: Mario works as a Big Data Analyst for the comSysto GmbH in Munich. In his work he focuses on Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, R and methods from statistical modeling, predictive analytics and machine learning. Mario received his PhD in Mathematics from TU München in 2011.

Location: Neofonie GmbH, Robert-Koch-Platz 4, 10115 Berlin

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