2014 event (Statistical data integration using administrative data for health and social research)

Join Francis Mitrou from the ‘Telethon Kids Institute’ as he presents on ‘Statistical data integration using administrative data for health and social research’.

Government departments and agencies routinely collect data on individual persons as part of their everyday business. For example, every time a person is admitted to a hospital or enrolled in a school, a record of that event is recorded by the agency responsible. This information is often collected under statute or some legal authority, and is typically used internally for activities such as planning, program/policy evaluation, as legally admissible records of contact or transaction, for annual reporting requirements, and so on. Historically these data have not been collected with research in mind, but modern technology and strict privacy codes that support analyses of de-identified information have made it possible to harness the information held in these administrative datasets for ethically approved research that supports issues considered to be in the public interest. This talk will introduce the concept of linked administrative data for use in health and social research, and describe the current situation in Australia.

Landgate Cloisters Function Room, St Georges Tce, Perth

8th May – 11am – 12.30pm

Tea / coffee 10.30am


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