Semantic Web for Fun and Profit and The Huge Value of “Little Data”


Friday, May 9, 4:30-6:00 PM
1121 E. Broadway
Missoula, Montana


Part I: The Huge Value of “Little Data”

In this presentation, Russ Fletcher and Joe Garrett of Inteneo Systems will explore how every organization must consider how it will use its internal and external data to survive in an ever increasing data centric world. “Any decision made without data analysis is simply an assumption.” http://goo.gl/bFbSMV

Part II: Semantic Web for Fun and Profit

Semantic Web expert Eric Franzon will examine how organizations are applying W3C Semantic Web standards to Big (and small) Data to generate revenue, mitigate risk, and solve problems in new and interesting ways. The presentation will explore:

  • What are the core Semantic Web standards?
  • Who is using them and why?

**This presentation is designed to offer insights for both technologists and non-technologists alike.


Eric Franzon works as a Semantic Technology consultant, trainer, evangelist, journalist, community organizer, and business analyst. Eric regularly teaches and consults about Semantic Web and Linked Data concepts. He is interested in Open Data, Cognitive Computing, and how to make Big Data systems smart(-er). Eric directs a daily publication, SemanticWeb.com, and a large, detailed IT industry conference (www.semanticconference.com). A lifelong learner and educator, Eric has taught Semantic Web concepts, improvisational comedy, blues harmonica, theater, and gender studies. Skills and specialties: HTML, CSS, RDF, RDFa, Microdata, SPARQL, e-commerce, website development, community building, business analysis, technical research, training development, marketing/communications, Semantic Web, system and process management, operations. Eric lives in Missoula, MT and travels frequently.


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