Inside Big Data Week Chicago 2014: The New Big Data Choice–Enterprise Data Hub vs. Legacy Data Warehouse

At 12:10 pm on Thursday May 8, 2014, Dr. Phil Shelley, President of Newton Park Partners LLC (NPP) will present “The Enterprise Data Hub, an Emerging Concept.”

Dr. Shelley will discuss how to establish an Enterprise Data Hub and how to move from legacy to noSQL, Hadoop and other new analytics tools; bringing real-time and near real-time analytics with new approaches to data management.

We asked him a few questions about NPP, why choose a data hub over a traditional data warehouse, and what viewers will learn from his presentation.

Q:  Tell us more about Newton Park Partners.  What is your mission?

We aim to bring our considerable experience and knowledge of the Hadoop-based data hub model to enterprises ready to consider the move from legacy systems. We offer executive education and use-case generation, on to pilot and then production implementation. NPP assists companies to more rapidly deploy a productive enterprise data hub.

Q: Data warehousing has been a standard part of the analytics vocabulary for many years now.  What value does an Enterprise Hub add?

Historically, IT management had to create copies of data in order to divide processing and storage into manageable workloads. Legacy systems were either too expensive or could not scale to store all enterprise data and handle processing workload in a single system. Hadoop, noSQl and stream processing tools grew from the Internet companies, designed to scale at much lower cost. Over the past 5 years, these technologies have matured and are now in routine production at companies small to large; transforming data management and analytics capabilities.

Q: Without giving too much away, what are 1 or 2 things that a viewer will learn or takeaway from your presentation?

Viewers will learn about the Data Hub concept, the tools that make-up a data hub and the advantages.

We will also cover some of the important considerations, such security, data integration, application migration, newest trends in analytics technology and how to get started.


Big Data Week in Chicago is a partnership between Cook County Government and BLUE 1647.  This talk will take place at BLUE 1647 (http://blue1647.com), a Pilsen-based technology hub and innovation center.  All Big Data Week events will be live-streamed free of charge.

For more information about the events taking place visit: https://bigdataweek.com, https://bigdataweek.com/chicago or follow Big Data Week on Twitter at @CHGbigdataweek,  @bigdataweek.  Big Data Week uses hash tags #bdw14, and #bdw14chi. Newton Park Partners can be found on the web at http://consultnpp.com

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