HACKBMTH8: Big Data Week

Big Data Week is held all over the world in over 30 cities, every year. For the first time, Bournemouth is holding it’s own big data week, and we’re joining in.

Big Data Week is 5th May to the 9th, and there’s a load of talks happening in the evenings which are all free to go along to to get your brain working on ideas. HACKBMTH will be on the Saturday 17th May, because Barcamp Bournemouth is on the 10th.

You don’t have to use data, but it’s encouraged. We’ll be in the Open Device Lab, so a selection of devices will be available to test on. As usual, you can work on whatever you want to work on.

We look forward to seeing you. As always, if you have any questions, you can drop us an email or tweet us.

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