Inside Big Data Week Chicago 2014: How Narrative Science is Helping Make Google Analytics Easier to Understand

At 12:40 pm on May 8th, Margaret Jastrebski, Vice-President of Product Management for Narrative Science will talk about Quill Engage, a new free application to help marketers quickly extract insight from their Google Analytics data.

Powered by Narrative Science’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Quill™, Quill Engage analyzes Google Analytics data and creates easy-to-understand reports, written in plain English, which are automatically generated on a weekly and monthly basis.

We asked Margaret few questions about Quill Engage, Narrative Science, and what Big Data Week viewers will learn from her talk.

Q:  I’m not sure if the average marketer understands, but Google Analytics is a valuable source of Big Data.  There are many sources for help in understanding this data.  What makes Quill Engage better? 

Quill Engage allows a Google Analytics user the ability to quickly understand his or her website performance by simply reading a report, saving valuable time for their marketing and web analytics teams. Not only does the report, written in plain English, tell a user what is happening on their site, it tells them why, and what they can do to make improvements. Reports are automatically generated on a weekly and monthly basis and delivered right to a user’s inbox.

Q: Narrative Science is a growing Chicago-based startup.  Tell us more on your journey, and where you see it going in the near future?

Narrative Science grew out of a research project at Northwestern University in 2010 and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace with over 50 employees across three offices and 50 customers across a variety of industries.  Our technology has evolved into what is known today as Quill™,  an artificial intelligence platform that mines data for meaning and insight to provide people with relevant communications that are easy to understand and produced at scale. Quill is being used by organizations to improve decision making, create new products and optimize customer experiences across many industries, including financial services, insurance, government and marketing services.

Q: Without giving too much away, what are 2 or 3 things that a viewer will take away from your events?

Viewers will walk away with a clear understanding of how Narrative Science helps organizations make sense of their data. Narrative Analytics, the driving force behind Quill Engage, leverages artificial intelligence to automatically transform data into the meaningful and insightful stories you want to tell.  Viewers will get a glimpse of how Quill Engage works and the value it brings to any user of Google Analytics.

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