BellaDati Presents: Data Discovery for Business Users

We hear it from everywhere: “To do business decisions effectively, you have to become data driven company”. In the past that generally meant large investments in manpower, hardware and software. Today data discovery is less expensive–but still requires a commitment to better
internal communication and collaboration.

Every manager wants to see human readable data. But, insights based on data and backed by the intuition of trustful analysts are the ones that can have immediate impact on your bottom line.

During this 20-minute live streaming presentation, Martin Trgina, CEO of BellaDati will help you consider the following major changes that have dramatically impacted the way we communicate, share, discover and collaborate with data.

1. Social network for business data discovery, collaboration, sharing with search capabilities
2. Job role and industry focused analytics apps. Highly specialized user focused analytics apps.
3. Reports and visualizations created by business users without coding
4. Purely web based BI solutions, that follow the trend of BI consumerization
5. Single application Agile BI solutions, that include layers focused on business user, data analyst,
6. Mobile BI available on consumer products like iPhone, Samsung
7. Data connectivity to social networks, excel, large databases without invasive IT surgery

This event will be live streamed to the public. Click on the “register for tickets” link below to register and watch the free live stream.

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