Look Who`s doing Big data in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)

What kind of data are you working with?
Solar Energy, Building Energy Data

What kinds of analytics are you using?
Data selection and visualization, statistical analysis

What are the problems your company/project/group is interested in solving?
Developing tools to facilitate the adoption of Sustainable Energy technologies.

How did you get involved in your line of work?
Education geared towards sustainability and an interest in science and R&D.

What are you most proud of in your work?
Training and Experience that students gain working with our team, and the ideas and innovations they go on to pursue.

What are the biggest challenges in your line of analytics?
Sensor Systems, Data Acquisition, Data Quality, – (still diving into analytics, so plenty of challenges yet to come).

What’s the best advice you can give someone interested in getting involved in a career in Big Data?
The ability to understand the problem clearly is key. Big Data is an amazing tool, if you know the right questions to tackle.

What’s the best thing about doing Big Data in Nova Scotia that you want to share with the world?
NS has a unique mix of ‘community’ and high quality thinkers and innovators. An important aspect of using Big Data is the ability to use data to link concepts that might otherwise seem unrelated. In NS we are good at linking ideas, and Big Data makes that even more exciting.

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