Metascale Presents a FREE 1-day Hadoop Seminar

Interested in learning Hadoop, but didn’t have the money for classes? MetaScale (@BigDataMadeEasy) wants to help make Big Data more accessible for the Chicagoland data community. That’s why they’re sponsoring a FREE 1-day seminar on Hadoop.

Sign up NOW, as there are only 15 seats available. Click on the register link below for this special event .

MetaScale (@BigDataMadeEasy) is pleased to present this full-day workshop. It gives both seasoned technical professionals and beginners an opportunity to understand Big Data and Hadoop. MetaScale offers a vendor-agonic view of the Hadoop Ecosystem and introduces you to the key technologies that make up a Hadoop environment.

By the end of the Workshop you will:

Understand “What is Hadoop” and the “History of Hadoop”

Understand “when to use Hadoop” and “when not to use Hadoop”

Develop a high-level understanding of the following Hadoop components: Hive with MySQL, Pig, MapReduce, HDFS, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Oozie and Zookeeper

If you are ready to take a practical look at Hadoop, we strongly encourage you to attend this one-day workshop and begin on your Big Data Journey.

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