deepsense_io Machine Learning & Spark workshops | Thursday & Friday

The 2-day intensive workshops using hands-on exercises teaches a wide range of important Machine Learning algorithms and tools that we selected for their value in today’s market. The workshop offers a short yet comprehensive introduction to Machine Learning (Python) and Big Data processing, and then moves to practical exercises with many programming assignments (Spark).


Students use Python with the libraries for data manipulation (Pandas), visualization (Seaborn) and machine learning (scikit-learn). They can also learn IPython Notebook and PySpark from Apache Spark project. The combination of introductory theory and extensive set of practical exercises with instructors who are practitioners in the field makes for very effective learning experience.


Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Tech Leads, Startup Leaders, and all who would like to learn how to use data in a more effective way.

We expect participants to be comfortable with the basics of Python. We assume no prior experience in Machine Learning, Big Data processing or specific Python packages whatsoever.


Piotr Migda?, PhD

Piotr is a data scientist with quantum physics background and an author of numerous publications. His PhD thesis was centered on data visualization and complex networks techniques for quantum states. After performing research at MIT in Cambridge (MA), ICFO in Barcelona and ISI Foundation in Turin, he focused on data science, social networks analysis and hierarchical clustering.

Jacek Laskowski, Java Champion

Prior to joining deepsense.io, Jacek worked at Lucent, Citi and IBM. Jacek brings over 20 years of software engineering expertise and is an invaluable member of the team. Jacek loves sharing his knowledge – he is an active blogger, Scala community leader and deepsense.io Spark instructor.

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