Code for Humanity Open Hack Technical Training

Wanna code and maybe joining Open Hack Dec 4?

There are many great open source projects to join that are building software for causes who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such great services. Join this workshop to learn how to use a few to build solutions fast, like in 48 hours :-) We aim to get you ready for Open Hack, check it out here: http://openhack.io

During the workshop we will introduce the Open by Design Bluemix platform and introduce the key open source projects it is built on: OpenStack, Docker, and Cloud Foundry. As a result of this design one can run nearly any open source project in the cloud and also leverage some amazing services from companies like Twillio, SendGrid, PitneyBauer, Twitter. There are also numerous open source based services, including Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, NodeRed, MQTT, Node.js. We’ll also introduce IBM Watson and

how this can help provide better insight quickly to help decision makers in the field. Check out here for some good how-to’s and come get some hands-on :

We will also teach you about the Ushahidi project and other interesting open source projects that can potentially be leveraged for your solution in the Open Hack on December 4-6. http://www.ushahidi.com

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