Big Data for Marketers

You can’t ignore it. It won’t go away. And you might just love it

Marketing used to be easy. Then along came analytics. We’ve CRM reports, Google Analytics, Marketing Automation analytics, the list goes on.

Three speakers take a perspective on what Big Data means for marketers.

Paul Featherstone, Beneden Healthcare

Consumers of today expect a great experience online. An experience which responds quickly and efficiently to their needs, which delights and entertains. The days of static, generic websites are numbered on today’s dynamic, multi channel, multi-device Internet.

Those organisations that have mastered the art of targeting consumers with the right message at the right place and time have reaped great rewards and created valuable experiences for their customers.

Big data plays a key role in allowing organisations to create an optimised experience through delivering messages to consumers with precision based on insight gathered through previous interactions.

But the data must first be captured from consumers who are more resistant than ever before to the methods organisation’s use to collect data and more sceptical about how their data is used.

Organisations need to redefine the way they acquire data online and return to core values based on building a direct relationship with consumers that links the data they provide to the value they receive. Effective organisations see the benefits in a series of micro-conversions, incrementally capturing user data whilst taking them on a relevant and personalised journey from initial awareness to repeat purchase and advocacy.

Benenden’s Head of eCommerce, Paul Featherstone, will discuss some of the ways Benenden is investing in a data led approach to eCommerce to create an enhanced experience for members using their digital channels.

Benenden is a mutual founded in 1905 which provides a wide range of discretionary healthcare services to a membership of almost 900,000 people.

Katherine Pomfret, Alscient Limited

Katherine Pomfret, marketer and marketing technology fanatic, argues that the way we approach data determines our success as marketers and that an understanding of basic data analytics is an essential part of the marketing toolkit.

Big data for marketers might not involve the huge data sets used by colleagues in operations. Success is about understanding the technologies that are available, how you integrate data from different platforms to give consistently reliable reporting to management, and defining metrics that align your marketing efforts to strategic company goals.

In this session you will:

Consider the role of analytics in reporting to management
Learn how to use data to drive team and agency performance
See how data can be used to eliminate risk in spend, and predict prospect behaviour
Receive a handy, and impartial, guide to top technologies for marketeers
Receive a voucher for a one-hour CRM or Google Analytics private masterclass, using your own data
The event is aimed at marketing managers and executives, as well as sales and senior marketing leaders who wish to understand better what data they should be demanding from their marketing teams.

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