Meetup Pentaho: PLUG Big Data Week London Tie-up

Talks start around 6.30, feel free to get there a little earlier and grab a beer at the bar first.


Talk 1 – Matt Casters, founder of Kettle will be showing off the latest stuff from the Kettle community (which is huge by the way!) as well as a spark roundup.

Talk 2 – Wael Elrifai – IoT: From Data to Information; from Information to Knowledge

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are certainly getting a lot of “airtime” lately. Wael Elrifai will be discussing our own work on building a predictive maintenance system for Hitachi Rail using “Big Data” eco-system elements including Pentaho, Hadoop, and Spark/MLlib. I’m excited to share and debate concepts, processes, and ideas about how best to prototype such systems, and ways of collaborating between data engineering/integration/machine learning teams. We may not have time to go into the mathematics, but I hope we can start a good conversation about collaboration in this vacuum between data engineering and data science.

Talk 3 – Nelson Sousa / Miguel Cunhal – Data modelling in hadoop – A preview of a more indepth talk to be seen at PCM16.

Talk 4 – Dan Keeley – Live lightning talk preview of PDI and Kafka

Afterwards we’ll continue the discussions in the Red Lion over the road.
Please don’t forget to register at skillsmatter too – this will ease entry – especially as it will be a VERY busy evening this week with all the other groups. https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/8154-pentaho-london-usergroup

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