Whose Data is it Anyway? Why ownership is a Bad Idea for Personal Data

This talk for business leaders, given by Dr Kevin Macnish of the Univeristy of Leeds, will address problems with the idea that we “own” the data that relates to us.

Dr Macnish will present an alternative approach to how we think about and treat data that relates to people. This will have implications on the need to gain informed consent. The session will suggest that there are other, arguably more important responsibilities that fall on those who collect and use data relating to people.

Dr Kevin Macnish is a Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Applied Ethics at the University of Leeds. His research is in the ethics of surveillance, security and technology. He is the author of numerous articles on privacy and surveillance ethics and has organised two international conferences on this subject at the University of Leeds. Kevin has been interviewed by Channel 4, BBC radio and television, and the Atlantic magazine, and has spoken at both the House of Commons and the House of Lords in relation to his research.

Kevin conducts ethical analysis for security and ICT projects. He has been involved with a number of European Union projects with a focus in these areas and is an Ethics Expert with REA, the research arm of the European Commission.

This talk will immediately follow Dr Despotakis’ talk on Big Data in Small Contexts.

Booking opens 6pm on Wednesday 14th September.

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