Tiberiu Jakab

The Challenge Of Online Data

Online retail has introduced an order of magnitude change in both the number of decisions to be taken, and the complexity of data available. Furthermore, there is still no agreement on eCommerce norms and best practice for how to interpret and respond to what the data shows. The challenge can appear daunting and it is easy to either disengage or to drown in the data, but failing to get to grips with the numbers is a huge gamble. At best you miss opportunities to grow pro?ts; at worst you lose control of your online channel.

Forget About Big Data – It’s All About New Data

90% of the world’s data is less than two years old. What does this mean for UK businesses? Regardless of whether you intend to extract information from the data your business collects, how will you handle, store, manage and compute it? And how will the infrastructure behind it cope?

The Big Data Scientist Hunt

Big Data is officially the biggest buzzword of 2013. The problem is that so few people actually know what to do with all that data, and finding the mythical “data scientist” proves exceptionally difficult (

Mind The [Analytical] Gap

It’s no secret that big data offers organisations a real opportunity to gain competitive advantage, open up new revenue streams and increase efficiency. Yet, while some are charging ahead, others are falling behind.

Internet Data Wars: The First Skirmishes

2012 was a year of change. Change that could have far-reaching implications in the near future as internet service providers (ISP’s) and web browser developers look to take advantage of public concerns regarding cookie tracking, distorting the fragile equilibrium of internet data availability and therefore threatening a core pillar of digital communications.