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The Differences Between SQL And NoSQL Training

Database management has changed substantially over the years. We are seeing many developers migrate away from SQL to NoSQL databases. Whether it is for financial reasons, scalability, or in preparation for handling Big Data, NoSQL is beginning to become a more viable option for many businesses. However, since many businesses that utilize non-relational databases have used relational databases for years, switching over can sometimes be a bit difficult. In order to help make that transition smoother, it’s important to be aware of the differences between training for SQL and NoSQL.

Big Data In A Big Brave World

Bob Plumridge, Chief Technology Officer EMEA at Hitachi Data Systems, discusses how big data is transforming businesses and our lives, using examples from across the Hitachi Ltd. family and also making reference to the Mayans’ approach to data analysis. Also discussed is the notion of balancing today’s privacy requirements with tomorrow’s big data needs.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Data?

Why are so many organisations so terrified of data and refuse to see the benefits it can bring? ‘Big data’ is now a common term, but traditionally, the treatment of the flow of information within an organisation has been comparable to that of a piece of radioactive material. Not only has it been quarantined and isolated in the IT department, but access to it has typically been limited to only one individual - the data scientist – who is deemed to be the only person qualified enough to handle it.

Five Steps To Handling Big Data

Need to know how to bring together and drive revenue from all the data at your organisation's disposal? Matt Hollingsworth, managing account director at Acxiom, outlines a five-step process for dealing with big data

Share your Data Visualisations on during Big Data Week

We are happy and excited to support Big Data Week at its 200+ meetups across the world. Use as a resource when creating visualizations during the event. Explore visualizations by topic, form, or tool. Discover tips and techniques from workshops given at our previous Marathons. On, we?ll have a Big Data Week gallery to share and promote visualizations created at BDW events. We invite all attendees to participate. Please provide the following information to those who would like to include their work.

The Big Question About Big Data

“Big data” was the buzzword of 2012 – the year was awash with information, comment and discussion about the topic. As we enter 2013, it’s time for the talking to make way for action. Despite the hype and column inches, however, many businesses do not know what first steps they should take so that they can manage and use big data efficiently to gain an information advantage. partner with Big Data Week

We’re thrilled to partner again for this year’s Big Data Week. From April 22-28, data designers, data scientists, data technologists and others invested in data will come together for this global festival of 200+ meetups in 18+ cities around the world.