Big Data Week Expands Global Presence to Include Atlanta, Partners with Big Data Analytics Startup Emcien to Drive Citywide Engagement

ATLANTA, GA — Emcien Corp., a pioneer in automatic pattern detection for Big Data, announced today its partnership with Big Data Week, a global effort dedicated to connecting a number of cities including Barcelona, Moscow and Shanghai through locally hosted meetups, events, networking functions, demos, debates, hackathons and more. This partnership ensures that Atlanta-based organizations can take part in the movement by hosting individual functions throughout the city during the week, which takes place on April 22-28, 2013. Local Big Data startup Emcien was selected to drive the message and raise awareness in Atlanta.

“We’re pleased to add Atlanta to our list of cities this year because of its growth and dedication to innovation and technology,” said Andrew Gregson, founder of media140 Worldwide and co-organizer of Big Data Week 2013. “The people driving Big Data Week events are passionate, knowledgeable about data across sectors, and are driven by revolution and disruption. Emcien was a good fit to bring Big Data Week to Atlanta because of their innovation in Big Data analytics, and their dedication for spreading awareness and educating organizations about this new transformation.”

Any data practitioner is able to host and create an event during Big Data week in any of the 16 partner cities—Now, organizations in Atlanta have a community platform and are encouraged to arrange their own meetups and events in the featured sectors: health and science, financial, retail and FMCG, public and government, social and personal.

“The Big Data boom is bigger than the Internet bubble. People are beginning to pay close attention and need the proper avenues to learn about this revolution and what to do about it. Bringing Big Data Week to Atlanta was a no-brainer because of all of the opportunity here,” said Radhika Subramanian, CEO, Emcien. “Atlanta is a growing technology hub – we’ve got Georgia Tech, ATDC, Technology Association of Georgia, Hypepotamus, the Atlanta Tech Village and more. We’ve got major Fortune 500 companies in our backyard. We’ve got a growing population of talented engineers and developers, and exploration around Big Data unites us across sectors, professions and practices.”

Organizations in Atlanta are now officially able to become a part of the movement—Ways to get involved include sponsoring local events, organizing independent events, blogging or tweeting about Big Data Week (#bdw13) and speaking/ presenting at local events. Please visit www.bigdataweek.com for the complete schedule and information on how to get involved, or contact mstephens@emcien.com directly.

About Emcien Corp.
Emcien’s automatic pattern-detection engine converts data to actionable insight that organizations can use immediately. Emcien breaks through time, cost and scale barriers that limit the ability to operationalize the value of data for mission-critical applications. Our patented algorithms recognize what’s important, defocus what’s not, evaluate all possible combinations and deliver the optimal results automatically. Emcien’s engine, fueled by several highly competitive NSF grants and years of research at Georgia Tech and MIT, is delivering unprecedented value to organizations across sectors that depend on immediate insight for success—banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, Intelligence and others. Visit emcien.com to learn more.

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