Using Performance Data to Revolutionize the Management of Cook County Government, Part 3: The Future

Starting at the end of Fiscal Year 2012 and continuing into Fiscal Year 2013, the STAR program will further engage with agencies to support the use of performance data as a management tool.  The effort will include facilitating internal goal-setting discussions within agencies and departments, as well as training and regular monitoring.

Currently, the Performance Management Office manually collects and aggregates over 600 metrics each month.   As a result, the Performance Management Office is currently working with the Cook County Bureau of Technology to create a system to collect data in a more automated form from all agencies.  The goal is that, by the end of FY2013, 100% of the metrics will be collected electronically and sent directly to a central depository.  This will improve the accuracy and timeliness of the data, allow for more real-time analysis of data, and expedite decision making.

The Performance Management Office has recently begun working with departments to improve processes where metrics consistently fail to meet targets.   This involves working side by side with the department to determine how to get back on track, and identify what the next steps are.

In addition to efforts to build on and improve the use of performance data within departments, the Performance Management Office seeks to improve upon existing processes, including:

  • Improving public access and visibility into STAR performance data
  • Increasing collaboration with the Budget Department to identify cost savings and efficiency improvements
  • Promoting a data-driven culture within Cook County focused on measurable goals and targets


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