Which Freaking Database Should I Use?

In the era of cheap disk space, processing power and high bandwidth networks, the constraints that caused our industry to have a near exclusive focus on Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) have abated. The terminology surrounding NoSQL and BigData are confusing to IT professionals trying to select the right storage for the right problem. The talk will explore the technical reasons you might select one of these “new” databases, the types of databases available, their correct use and “quintessential” use cases for them. Also discussed will be the counter indications for them. This is a survey talk for management and developers who are new to NoSQL/BigData/Non-RDBMS.

This talk will be presented by Jonathan Freeman is a consultant and advocate for Open Software Integrators. He’s a JavaScript specialist, Big Data and NoSQL enthusiast, writer, speaker and jazz musician. You can find his articles and blog posts on both the Open Software Integrators website and as a guest writer on InfoWorld’s Strategic Developer blog. You can find him on Twitter at @freethejazz

This event will be live streamed to the public. Click on the “register for tickets” link below to register and watch the free live stream.

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