New Day & Time–MetaScale Presents: Hadoop in Action–Business Intelligence Use Cases

One reason organizations struggle to achieve value from big data is lack of a compelling business use case. Gain insight into practical uses for Hadoop by looking at specific ways big data technologies can be leveraged to enable business analytics.

Product Perception and Brand Sentiment Analysis: use big data tools to gain valuable customer insights from Social Media, including product perception and social sentiments for your Brand as compared to your competitors.

Behavioral and Predictive Analytics on Network Data: learn how establishing Hadoop as an Enterprise Data Hub enables behavioral analysis, predictive analysis and performance analysis on large data sets from multiple network sources such as Wi-Fi access points, network controllers, firewall controllers, network management systems, mobile devices and applications.

Real-Time Analytics for Inventory Management: by implementing Hadoop and Cassandra into a traditional environment, Business Intelligence teams are able to provide more accurate and real-time inventory, pricing, sales and return data as well as predicting ideal floor plans.

This event will be live streamed to the public. Click on the “register for tickets” link below to register and watch the free live stream.

This talk will be led by Ankur Gupta, an IT Director at Sears and General Manager at MetaScale. MetaScale is a Big Data technology Subsidiary of Sears Holdings.

Ankur is leading efforts to accelerate Big Data efforts for other enterprises, leveraging learning from implementing Hadoop and other Big Data technologies at Sears. Before moving into this role, he has led several other major monetization initiatives at Sears in various businesses. Prior to Sears, Ankur worked with IBM Global Services in India and US. He received an MBA from Duke University and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (India).

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