Narrative Science Presents: Quill Engage–A Better Way to Understand Google Analytics Data

Quill Engage – Insight in an Instant from your Google Analytics data.

During this 20-minute presentation learn how Quill Engage™, a free application by Narrative Science, automatically analyzes and transforms Google Analytics data into natural language reports.

Powered by Narrative Science’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Quill™, Quill Engage analyzes your Google Analytics data and creates easy-to-understand reports, written in plain English, which are automatically generated on a weekly and monthly basis.

It’s not enough to know how your site’s performance changed; Quill Engage tells you why. It looks through direct, referral, paid and organic search traffic and identifies the sources that impacted your website. There are direct links in the report to your Google Analytics interface, allowing the option to easily dive in if you want a deeper understanding.

This talk will be led by Margaret Jastrebski, Vice President for Product Management at Narrative Science. Margaret leads Narrative Science’s product strategy, with over 14 years of technology experience in product management, consulting, account management and development. Most recently, Margaret served as the Vice President of Products for BrightTag and led global strategy efforts for the B2B Private Label division at Orbitz. She is a graduate of Emory University and holds an MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Management.

This event will be live streamed to the public. Click on the “register for tickets” link below to register and watch the free live stream.

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