When tweets start to tweet

We're fast approaching a time when it becomes possible to connect everything and everyone to the internet. A web of connected documents and sites, of devices, of machines, of networks. A place where everything is connected to everything.

Big Data Believer Or Big Data Realist?

Graham Brierton, CTO at contact centre platform leader VoiceSage, comments on a trend recently where suddenly Big Data is the Answer to Everything It’s very much part of the Zeitgeist to say Big Data is the Answer to Everything. But while Big Data is a genuine phenomenon and will undoubtedly offer businesses enormous benefit, much of the discussion around it seems to be hype-fuelled chatter - and not very well informed chatter either.

The 40% Big Data Non-Adopters

A recent global survey showed that one in four of large corporates worldwide are not planning to engage with Big Data projects due to cost concerns and skill shortages. For Jeff Morris, Vice President of Product Marketing for leading business analytics software specialist and founder of open source BIRT, Actuate Corporation, this is an odd trend

Share your Data Visualisations on during Big Data Week

We are happy and excited to support Big Data Week at its 200+ meetups across the world. Use as a resource when creating visualizations during the event. Explore visualizations by topic, form, or tool. Discover tips and techniques from workshops given at our previous Marathons. On, we?ll have a Big Data Week gallery to share and promote visualizations created at BDW events. We invite all attendees to participate. Please provide the following information to those who would like to include their work.