Big Data and NoSQL: the cross-over

As part of Big Data Week London NoSql is hosting a meet-up will – we’ll be exploring three key points in which big data and NoSQL cross-over.

We’ll have three talks, punctuated by food and drink:

• Akmal Chaudhri of Hortonworks: an overview of where big data and NoSQL cross-over. Where would you use big data tools and where would you use NoSQL?

• Mark Needham of Neo4j: Dating Algorithms with Neo4j. How the big-data style techniques in graph databases can find the connections between data.

• Phil Fehre and Matthew Revell of Couchbase: a live demo of a NoSQL database handling data across mobile devices.

We’re finalising our speakers and will update the details in the next couple of days. If you’re interested in taking one of the slots, message me!

As usual, there’ll be food and drink.

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