Are We Stuck At Big Data Base Camp?

Big Data. It’s been the subject on businesses’ lips for some time now due to its potential to improve performance across the board, delivering better results and increasing revenues. This is an unprecedented opportunity in today’s tough economic times, so why haven’t we seen more businesses shouting about the benefits they’ve seen on their Big Data journeys? Oracle's Director Big Data in EMEA, Mike Connaughton, looks at the reasons behind this and what needs to be done to get the Big Data juggernaut rolling.

The Differences Between SQL And NoSQL Training

Database management has changed substantially over the years. We are seeing many developers migrate away from SQL to NoSQL databases. Whether it is for financial reasons, scalability, or in preparation for handling Big Data, NoSQL is beginning to become a more viable option for many businesses. However, since many businesses that utilize non-relational databases have used relational databases for years, switching over can sometimes be a bit difficult. In order to help make that transition smoother, it’s important to be aware of the differences between training for SQL and NoSQL.